E-Readers Are Supposed to Be Dying, but Kobo Keeps Making Fancier Ones

For those interested in e readers.


The conventional wisdom about e-readers is that they are slowly getting pushed to the bargain bin, doomed to a life of obscurity at the hands of thinner, lighter and cheaper tablets.

Just don’t tell that to Kobo, which continues to push the boundaries on the lowly e-reader. The company has just announced the Kobo Aura, a $150 e-reader with some fancy technologies for reading digital books.

The Aura is not the most expensive e-reader Kobo produces. That distinction goes to the Kobo Aura HD, a $170 reader with a 6.8-inch, 1440-by-1080 resolution display, which launched in April. But the non-HD Aura is thinner and lighter (0.32 inches and 0.38 pounds, compared to the HD’s 0.46 inches and 0.53 pounds), and it features a completely flat front panel instead of the recessed screens found on most e-readers. It also maintains some of the benefits of the Aura HD, such as “ComfortLight”…

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