Daily Archive: August 24, 2013

Big Wheel-Inspired Trike for Adults Brings Nostalgia, High Price Tag

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
If you were a child any time in the last four decades, odds are you rode a Big Wheel, the low-riding plastic trike named after its iconic front tire.…

WATCH: Sinkhole Devours Trees in Louisiana

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Cameras were rolling just as a sinkhole swallowed a group of trees in Bayou Corne. The sinkhole appeared last year prompting a mandatory evacuation of the area, and state…

Curious’s Video Learning App Comes to the iPad

Originally posted on Tech:
Back in the spring, an online learning service called Curious.com launched. It let real people with a skill become teachers, and aimed to be a higher-quality, more humane and…

Wean Yourself Off Facebook with Shock Therapy and Harassing Phone Calls

Originally posted on Tech:
Two MIT students, Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff, were having trouble finishing their dissertations. The culprit? Too much social media. Doing what I can only assume any MIT…

Big K Flea Market Returns August 25th for 10 Sundays

Sunday August 25 will be a red-letter day for Connecticut bargain hunters when the Big K (K is for Kiwanis) Weekly Flea Market/Craft Fair starts its weekly Sunday openings from 8 AM to… Continue reading