Monthly Archive: August, 2013

You Shouldn’t Text N.J. Drivers and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Even if you’re not the driver, you could be liable.

Deep Dive on the Yosemite Wildfire with the Interactive ‘Rim Fire Perspectives’ Map

So sad if this reaches Yosemite and especially the sequoias.

Hole Makes Huge Pumpkin Ineligible for Alaska Fair

Wow what a pumpkin

E-Readers Are Supposed to Be Dying, but Kobo Keeps Making Fancier Ones

For those interested in e readers.

Big Wheel-Inspired Trike for Adults Brings Nostalgia, High Price Tag

Our kids had these in the 60’s, but they had plastic wheels

WATCH: Sinkhole Devours Trees in Louisiana


Curious’s Video Learning App Comes to the iPad

Wean Yourself Off Facebook with Shock Therapy and Harassing Phone Calls

Sounds like my problem, except I don’t have to write disertations

Big K Flea Market Returns August 25th for 10 Sundays

Sunday August 25 will be a red-letter day for Connecticut bargain hunters when the Big K (K is for Kiwanis) Weekly Flea Market/Craft Fair starts its weekly Sunday openings from 8 AM to… Continue reading

Lindsay’s birthday party 2013