Newington about to approve monstrous budget

Spending and not having all the money.   Raises when we are in direr straits with our budget.   And we knew it was coming and still like it wasn’t.   This in all departments.  Increase… Continue reading

Our Family Gatherings have changed

This was Christmas day 2019.  Donna was mobile and enjoying everyones company.  ANd the special breakfast we have had for many years…

It’s time to change our topics during the corona-19 virus.

We will begin to make these changes in the next few days.  It will be about how it affects our family in so many ways.  Donna is bed bound and has Alzheimer’s and… Continue reading

British Politician’s Extremely Lax Posture in Parliament Makes for Some Lively Memes — Newsfeed – TIME

The ongoing debate over a “No Deal” Brexit has taken center stage in Parliament of late, but it got a reprieve from the unusual behavior of Conservative MP and Leader of the House… Continue reading

Hundreds of Kind Strangers Show Up to the Funeral for a Veteran With ‘No Surviving Family’

Hundreds of Kind Strangers Show Up to the Funeral for a Veteran With ‘No Surviving Family’ — Read on

Meet the Japanese Billionaire Who’s Paying Elon Musk for a Trip to the Moon — Tech – TIME

Elon Musk’s SpaceX introduced the world to the company’s first space tourist Monday night, announcing that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is set to embark on a voyage around the moon. “Finally, I can… Continue reading

5 Ways to Photograph Birds — Digital Photography School

Birds are beautiful animals to look at and are graceful in flight. However, it can be challenging to photograph birds due to their fast-moving nature. 740 more words via 5 Ways to Photograph Birds… Continue reading

Lindsay’s 2017 Birthday

Grandma’s 2017 Birthday


Great 2017 fall flowers

  Love the mums this year