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The Winter Olympics in Blurred Motion

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Relax: Apple Innovation Is Fine

Originally posted on Tech:
These days, it’s just common knowledge: Apple innovation has tanked since Steve Jobs’ death, while Samsung’s parade of split-screen apps, touchless gestures, and sexy smartwatches has propelled the Korean…

Skip the Drive Thru! McDonald’s Is Taking Reservations for Valentine’s Day

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
If the weight of Valentine’s Day expectations has left you paralyzed with anxiety about how to impress your main squeeze in a way that is not hopelessly clichéd, two…

EasilyDo 3.0: A Do-Everything Personal Assistant for Your Smartphone

Originally posted on Tech:
There’s no shortage of apps for iOS and Android that aspire to be your personal assistant — a faithful helper that can manage your calendar, keep track of receipts…

Snow. Snow. And more Snow

Snow. Snow. And more Snow.

Snow. Snow. And more Snow

Wow, another storm with about a foot of snow. We at least seem to be handling it better here in NE. Mid day today it was 1-2 inches per hour. At about 3pm… Continue reading