Loss of a wife, a mother, and a grandmother

In July of 2020 my wife of 59 years passed away. After over 3 years of Alzheimer’s and several other medical issues. Going relatively quickly into hospice at home. She also had cancer and with doctors help the family decided she would be most comfortable and happy in her own home.

It was the best decision we could have made. She was happy most of the time. She knew all of the family by name and the family pictures on the wall. Hospice provide wonderful care for her. She played the piano, sang to songs we played from CD’s, she began to read from a book Bible Promises. She had stopped reading for sometime.

3-4 months before she went to be with the LORD she became bed ridden. Even during this time she was mostly cherrful and her beautiful smile greeted visitors. Seldom complained. Our aides who were many, always seemed to arrive at just the right moment for the needs she had. Especially her last 24 hours. She stopped eating or taking fluids several days before. The nurse came more reularly. Her last 12 hours we had such a special aide who took care of her every need. Including morphine. Thank you Jesus.