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Flea Market back for the Summer

The flea market is open every Sunday until October in Constitution Square. Seems to have grown larger this year. Check it out.

The FAA Will Surely Relax In-Flight Device Rules–Eventually

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Frequent fliers, rejoice! The Federal Aviation Administration might, at some unspecified point in the future, possibly do something about your inability to use tablets and other gadgets during takeoff…

Fathers Day

Fathers Day


Fathers Day at Kara and Dave’s 2013

Law Would Let Police Search Your Phone After Accidents

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Imagine getting into a minor fender bender on the way to work. After checking your license and registration, the police officer on the scene starts rifling through your phone,…

Apple Unveils Music Streaming Service

Apple Unveils New Version of OS X, New Computers, iOS 7 and More

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Apple opened up its 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference with a keynote address showcasing updates to the company’s OS X software, MacBook Air and Mac Pro hardware lines, and finished…

Apps for Making Healthy Food Choices

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If you or your family has made a commitment to eat better and healthier, then congratulations – you’ve taken the first step towards creating a new, happier you. The…