Deep Dive on the Yosemite Wildfire with the Interactive ‘Rim Fire Perspectives’ Map

So sad if this reaches Yosemite and especially the sequoias.


The tree-scorching Rim Fire roaring through Yosemite — one of the largest fires in California’s history at this point — is so big satellites can see it with ease from space. By Monday, the wildfire had consumed more than 144,000 acres and drawn some 3,000 firefighters to the scene; as of this morning, those figures have surged to more than 184,000 acres blackened and 4,000 firefighters battling the blaze, with containment still at just 20%.

Esri, the company I wrote about on Monday that specializes in geographical information systems, or GIS, just released a new version of its wildfire tracking tool that offers several unique views of the fire, including the specific areas and infrastructure threatened by the fire, a view that illustrates how the fire has grown since it started on August 17 and a comparison angle that shows where fires have burned near Yosemite in the past.

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