Big K Flea Market Returns August 25th for 10 Sundays

Sunday August 25 will be a red-letter day for Connecticut bargain hunters when the Big K (K is for Kiwanis) Weekly Flea Market/Craft Fair starts its weekly Sunday openings from 8 AM to 2 PM in the Market Square Free Parking lot in the center of Newington

With nearly 100 selling spaces for vendors and private tag sales available , shoppers will be greeted by an exciting array of bargains in jewelry, clothing, arts, crafts, musical goods, tools, appliances, and farm products and maybe even that fabled dusty old $5 dollar picture that turns out to be a priceless long forgotten masterpiece of art. As one happy shopper left she commented “.Wow, this is the place to get good stuff cheap!”

. The Big K Kiwanis Flea Market/Craft Fair is staffed by unpaid volunteers. It will be open every Sunday from August 30 all through September and October, weather permitting, from 8 AM to 2 PM.

Information is available by calling 860-667-2864