Big Wheel-Inspired Trike for Adults Brings Nostalgia, High Price Tag

Our kids had these in the 60’s, but they had plastic wheels

WATCH: Sinkhole Devours Trees in Louisiana


Curious’s Video Learning App Comes to the iPad

Wean Yourself Off Facebook with Shock Therapy and Harassing Phone Calls

Sounds like my problem, except I don’t have to write disertations

Big K Flea Market Returns August 25th for 10 Sundays

Sunday August 25 will be a red-letter day for Connecticut bargain hunters when the Big K (K is for Kiwanis) Weekly Flea Market/Craft Fair starts its weekly Sunday openings from 8 AM to… Continue reading

Lindsay’s birthday party 2013

Lindsay’s birthday party 2013

According to this DMI temperature plot, the high Arctic has dropped below freezing about two weeks early

Weather/Climate details anyone? Watts Up With That? The daily mean temp 80 -90 degrees North has remained below climatological normal for more than 120 days, and has now dropped below freezing¬† Normally, we… Continue reading

Lindsay’s family birthday party tomorrow

Looking forward to the family gathering for Lindsay’s birthday party.¬†¬† 9 years old and going into 4th grade. More to follow tomorrow with photos and maybe a movie or two.

Tea Party Plans To Abandon GOP Stars

Good thing? Maybe….