Newington Flea Market

Fall flea market now active

Check out the Flea Market in Constitution Square. Looked pretty active today.

Not a great weather day

Hope all are enjoying your families on this Labor Day weekend. We are still planning to BBQ later this afternoon. Have a great day.. What are you doing today?

You Shouldn’t Text N.J. Drivers and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
The Danger of Texting Drivers At this point, it’s no secret that it’s a bad idea to text while driving. And it’s against the law in most states. But…

Deep Dive on the Yosemite Wildfire with the Interactive ‘Rim Fire Perspectives’ Map

Originally posted on Tech:
The tree-scorching Rim Fire roaring through Yosemite — one of the largest fires in California’s history at this point — is so big satellites can see it with ease…

Hole Makes Huge Pumpkin Ineligible for Alaska Fair

Wow what a pumpkin

E-Readers Are Supposed to Be Dying, but Kobo Keeps Making Fancier Ones

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The conventional wisdom about e-readers is that they are slowly getting pushed to the bargain bin, doomed to a life of obscurity at the hands of thinner, lighter and…

Big Wheel-Inspired Trike for Adults Brings Nostalgia, High Price Tag

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If you were a child any time in the last four decades, odds are you rode a Big Wheel, the low-riding plastic trike named after its iconic front tire.…

WATCH: Sinkhole Devours Trees in Louisiana

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Cameras were rolling just as a sinkhole swallowed a group of trees in Bayou Corne. The sinkhole appeared last year prompting a mandatory evacuation of the area, and state…

Curious’s Video Learning App Comes to the iPad

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Back in the spring, an online learning service called launched. It let real people with a skill become teachers, and aimed to be a higher-quality, more humane and…