Larissa’s 2015 Choral concert

Larissa’s last 8th grade concert

Lindsay’s choral concert 2015

Family Christmas 2014

Larissa’s Confirmation

Mothers Day 2015

Happy Mothers day to a super wife, mother, and grandmother

2015 HS Graduation

Granddaughters Emily and Alyssa’s HS graduation June 2015

Sorry for my slowness in blog entries

Will be adding several blog entries this week about Christmas and other family activities.  Happy New Year to all. John

Great Fathers Day at Dave and Karas 2014

Sorry that all couldn’t attend. Mike, sorry you had to work. Mark that you couldn’t make it. We missed you all.

Apple Introduces ISO 8

Removing old fence in back

With out this machine to pull out the posts we would have been working all day.  This made it only a few hours.  Dumpster loaded.  Thanks also to Dave and Mark for loading… Continue reading