Lindsay’s 2017 Birthday

Grandma’s 2017 Birthday


Great 2017 fall flowers

  Love the mums this year

Dad’s 77th Birthday at Lenny & Joe’s

Our second year in a row celebrating at this restaurant

The Town council makes it for real

Newington Superintendent Keeps Proposed Budget Hike Minimal via Newington Superintendent Keeps Proposed Budget Hike Minimal — CT Ed Watch

Microsoft stuff

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the Surface Laptop: the company’s first device that’s meant to be a standalone clamshell-style notebook rather than a hybrid laptop-tablet device. Aimed at college students and shipping on June… Continue reading

My granddaughter Rebecca  just completed AF Basic training

Congrats Becca. Thank you for your service by beginning your 6 year tour.  Your aircraft mechanics training begins soon. Must be exciting times for you. We all love you. 

I’ve been lax in my posts for months

I really dropped the ball in my posts. I need to get back to at least weekly posts about interesting topics and especially about our family.

This Elevated Bus Could Be the Answer to Traffic Jams — Tech – TIME

Chinese developers unveiled plans for a new elevated bus that can bypass traffic on busy streets, according to a report from the country’s state news agency. The vehicle, known as the Transit Explore… Continue reading

8 Gadgets To Up Your Sports Game This Summer — Tech – TIME

Author Malcolm Gladwell once theorized that 10,000 hours practicing a skill is enough to make amateurs into masters. That idea has been argued about ever since, but its detractors still can’t defeat the… Continue reading