EasilyDo 3.0: A Do-Everything Personal Assistant for Your Smartphone


There’s no shortage of apps for iOS and Android that aspire to be your personal assistant — a faithful helper that can manage your calendar, keep track of receipts and deliveries and generally make your life easier without you having to ask for help. But in terms of the sheer quantity of things it can do, one such assistant is clearly the most hyper-ambitious of the bunch: EasilyDo.

Today, the company is announcing version 3.0 of its app for iPhone and Android phones. It sports a cleaned-up interface and even more capabilities than before, and merits your attention if you’re interested in this category of app.

EasilyDo shares certain things in common with a bunch of other assistants without being precisely like any of them. Like Google Now, it’s got an interface organized into little cards, each devoted to a different item: the weather, traffic for your commute…

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