The FAA Will Surely Relax In-Flight Device Rules–Eventually

Really, this time?


Frequent fliers, rejoice! The Federal Aviation Administration might, at some unspecified point in the future, possibly do something about your inability to use tablets and other gadgets during takeoff and landing.

I’m being intentionally silly, of course. While a couple of headlines today from the Wall Street Journaland New York Times make it seem like a done deal, both stories explain that nothing’s set in stone, and that it’s still going to be a while before flight attendants stop telling us to turn off all portable electronic devices.

The key passage from the Journal:

The FAA likely won’t make a formal decision on the matter until after it receives the final version of the advisory panel’s study, now delayed two months to the end of September.

And from the Times:

[One] person, who has seen a draft of the report, said there are still concerns about passengers’ electronics…

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