Apple Unveils New Version of OS X, New Computers, iOS 7 and More


Apple opened up its 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference with a keynote address showcasing updates to the company’s OS X software, MacBook Air and Mac Pro hardware lines, and finished with a completely overhauled version of iOS, the software that runs on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch portables.

(VIDEO: Let’s Talk About iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and More)

Here are the highlights:

OS X Mavericks

Apple has brought the tradition of naming its computer operating system after cats to an end. From now on, the California-based company will name its software after places in California. The latest version, OS X 10.9 is called Mavericks, named after a surfing area not too far from Apple’s headquarters.

The software won’t be ready for the public until the fall, but a handful of features were shown off today, including:

Finder tabs: Instead of having multiple Finder windows open, you can…

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