Gmail’s New Inbox: Another Way to Auto-Organize Your Messages

Love Gmail and it just gets better


Last week’s rumor was the real deal: Google is rolling out a new Gmail inbox today which autosorts incoming messages so important stuff is easy to find and clutter stays out of the way.

Wait: doesn’t Gmail’s Priority Inbox do that? Well, yes. But the new inbox (which you can choose to use if you’re not using Priority Inbox) is a different take on the same general concept. Instead of attempting to figure out which messages matter most to you and then promoting them to the top of your inbox, the new one sticks tabs across the top — up to five of them, for “Primary” messages (basically, ones from real people, plus anything else you haven’t chosen to weed out), Social (stuff like Facebook and Twitter updates), Promotions (ads), Updates (bills, notifications, etc.) and Forums (mailing lists and the like). Each tab indicates how many unread messages you’ve got…

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