Apple Opening Up iOS: Four Ways It Might Happen



Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t divulge any secrets during his question and answer session at the D11 conference on Tuesday, but he did reveal one interesting nugget about a change in the company’s thinking.

In response to a question from AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg about Apple’s tight control over iOS, Cook suggested that Apple may let apps do more on the iPhone and iPad than they’ve been allowed to in the past.

“I think you will see us open up more in the future,” Cook said, “but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.”

Cook did note that Apple walks a fine line, and doesn’t want to make customers dig deep into the settings. “The customer pays us to make certain choices on their behalf,” he said. “But will we open up more? Yes.”

So what could Apple, realistically, open up…

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