Amprius Begins Shipping a Better Smartphone Battery


A company called Amprius is getting closer to delivering salvation from so-so smartphone batteries.

As one of several companies trying to fix smartphone battery life, Amprius has begun supplying its first products to phone and tablet makers.

The exact improvement in real-world performance is tough to quantify without testing  old and new technologies side-by-side in the same phone, but the company estimates a 10-25% improvement at first, Amprius CEO Kang Sun said in an interview.

“This is already a substantial improvement from the batteries in the marketplace,” Sun said.

What the company can quantify is Watt-hours per liter–in other words, how much energy can be stored in a given volume. Amprius’ first smartphone battery, with 1850 mAh capacity, offers 580 Watt-hours per liter, compared to about 530 Wh/L for existing high-end batteries. Amprius is also offering a 4060 mAh, 600 Wh/L battery for tablets, and is working with phone makers…

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