I write this with a heavey heart

I haven’t written in this blog for a number of weeks and when I thought I should write again, December 14th came along and the terrible events happened in Newtown, CT. I watched TV as the events unfolded for so many around the world. I couldn’t hardly believe what I was hearing or seeing. My prayers began for all those affected in this terrible tragedy. And I cried for all that were lost and especially for all the young children. I thought about my own grandkids. One is about the age of those murdered that day. Another one just afew years older. Like so many I thought, how could I and my family handle such a difficult time. We would turn to prayers to God for comfort and Peace. And he would be there for us. He is always there. He loves us, he always has and he always will.

We would still have terrible days of grieving and crying. But I truly believe drawing on Gods strength we would get through it. Losing a child must be the most horrible event that any parent could posssibly have in their life. Without our faith in GOD, I just don’t know how else we could get through it.. We pray that all those directly affected by this tragedy will know Jesus and draw comfort from him.