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According to this DMI temperature plot, the high Arctic has dropped below freezing about two weeks early

Weather/Climate details anyone? Watts Up With That? The daily mean temp 80 -90 degrees North has remained below climatological normal for more than 120 days, and has now dropped below freezingĀ  Normally, we… Continue reading

Tea Party Plans To Abandon GOP Stars

Good thing? Maybe….

What wonderful weather recently

The hot humid weather has left for now and the days and evening are just delightful. No mosquitos in the evening for now either. Of course can it stay for ever. Can it?

Anyone know what this is?

Leave your thoughts here…….


To bad these flowers lives are so short

The FAA Will Surely Relax In-Flight Device Rules–Eventually

Really, this time?

Law Would Let Police Search Your Phone After Accidents

Apple Unveils Music Streaming Service

Apple Unveils New Version of OS X, New Computers, iOS 7 and More